Subaru Impreza STI 6 speed dogbox kit

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Subaru Impreza STI 6 speed dogbox kit

These gear kits are designed for all Subaru Impreza STI cars starting from 2002 till nowadays.
They are homologated to N group and designed for use in rally. It also can be used drag race, rally cross, hill climb, street racing and similar, as we can offer many short or long gear ratio versions.
These gear kits are a synergy of our many years experience and all the latest technology..

• Gears of highest quality and forged steel.
• Straight cut and special profile teeth for minimum rolling resistance and maximum strength.
• New type gears with 5 dogs for a faster and better gear switching.
• All selectors, shifting fingers, protections, forks, rods are made from billet steel for maximum reliability.
• Additional 4 or 5 or 6 speed short or long ratio versions.

GrN ratios:

Additional ratios:

I 3,333
II 2,385
III 1,750
IV 1,333
V 1,040

Close ratio
I 3,333
II 2,385
III 1,800
IV 1,471
V 1,200
VI 1,040

I 2,500
II 1,800
III 1,412
IV 1,158

Long ratio
I 3,333
II 2,385
III 1,800
IV 1,178
V 0,950

I 2,900
II 2,000
III 1,533
IV 1,263
V 0,900

I 2,818
II 2,000
III 1,412
IV 1,040
V 0,808
VI 0,679