MoTeC Kaypad 8/15

The MoTeC brand delivers more than just excellence in engineering and technology, it instills confidence in long term performance and customer service.

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For the ultimate in power management, combine the reliability of a PDM with the simplicity and flexibility that a keypad delivers. MoTeC Keypads work specifically with the current range of MoTeC Dashes and PDMs. Keypads are easy to program and feature CAN bus capabilities.

Each switch and its 3 LEDs can be independently programmed. One option is to use the LED illumination to clarify the status of the PDM-assigned device.

LED 1: Power status LED 2: Re-try power-up LED 3: Failed power-up attempts

Complete the keypad customisation by applying the desired semi-transparent label to each backlit button.

A MoTeC Keypad will enhance the application and integration of a MoTeC PDM into any vehicle. Specific features include:

Compact and lightweight
Rugged design for use in extreme environments, sealed to IP67
Backlit customised graphical symbols available
Real time feedback via LED indicators above each button
Simplified wiring, only 4 wires required for multiple buttons
Short circuit, reverse polarity protection

There are two sizes available:

8 button, 2 rows of 4 buttons (Part Number: 41401)
15 button, 3 rows of 5 buttons (Part Number: 41400)