EAMV Motorsport became an official Zircotec dealer in Lithuania

EAMV Motorsport became an official Zircotec dealer in Lithuania

Zircotec’s involvement in motorsport stretches back to 1994 when the thermal barrier coating was applied to the exhausts and manifold of Subaru rally cars to lower in-cabin temperatures. Since then the Our products are in widespread use at all levels of motorsport including F1, NASCAR, World Rally and Le Mans.

We have been trusted suppliers to both F1 and World Rally since 1996 and in the 2011 season our products were used by almost the entire F1 grid. together with an increasing number of applications for prestigious sports car manufacturers looking for thermal management and heat barrier solutions to manage heat from high performance engines.

More recently, Zircotec’s ThermoHoldTM thermal coatings have been proven to be highly successful in the thermal management of high performance and classic car applications, increasing overall reliability and performance.

Our key product offerings to motorsport are:

  • A range of thermal barrier exhaust coatings to help manage engine compartment temperatures and prevent sensitive components from being damaged by heat (more). 
  • Coatings for carbon composite, glass fibre and plastic components to provide protection against heat, fire, wear, abrasion, stone chips, tyre rubber. etc. Our products allow these lightweight materials to be used in applications where they would otherwise be unsuitable. We also provide electrically conductive coatings for EMC protection (more).
  • A range of flexible ceramic heatshield products, available in various sizes and formats for ease of installation by the customer (more).
  • Turbocharger coatings to reduce heat loss and increase responsiveness by allowing the turbocharger to spool up more quickly (more).

Please contact EAMV Motorsport via e-mail: manager@eamvmotorsport.com, and they will assist you in choosing the right material and coating for your application and will advise on delivery terms and pricing.