02 Jul 2013

EAMV Motorsport became an official dealer of Piper Cams – one of leading camshafts manufacturer in Europe

Piper Cams are one of Europe’s most successful and experienced performance camshaft designers and manufacturers. Our experience spans more than 40 years servicing high calibre customers in research, top level motor racing and the mainstream motor industry, all on a strictly confidential level. Currently Piper Cams designed and manufactured camshafts successfully used by various teams participating in Le Mans, WRC, Touring Cars, NASCAR, Indy Car, British and European Rallycros.

There is every likelihood of a perfect match with over 2500 profiles held on our database. If you require, we can maintain the profile that you select as ‘exclusive’. We can machine from our own clients’ cast cams, or manufacture from steel billet ion EN351 case hardening, EN40B nitriding, or any other material of the customer’s choice. For small batch production runs we also offer a full service from design pattern making, through the casting stage to final heat treatment.

You can find a full range of Piper Cams camshaft range and associated parts by clicking here.

Please contacts us via e-mail: manager@eamvmotorsport.com and we will assist you in choosing the right camshaft for your engine. Also we will advise you what other engine modifications your engine will require to be able to fit particular camshaft. In addition helping you to choose right camshaft for your engine we could also undertake profesional camshaft installation. For prices and delivery times of the camshafts, please contact us by e-mail above.